Chaotic Things and its Significance

What is Chaos, if not a daily part of life. It can be seen from the smallest and mostly unimportant scene such as a messy bedroom or it can be magnanimous, like a bloody battlefield littered with corpses and ruined buildings. These two scenes are oft described as chaotic, the former being something we face everyday and the latter being something we feel as being far.A messy bedroom and a battlefield may seem to have nothing in common, but in essence, they lack order. There is no organization, no specific and deliberate order of things.Thus, what is necessary for something to be chaotic is simply the lack of order and making no logical sense

When a mind is said to be chaotic, however, it can mean that it makes logical sense, but instead, the person chooses to use logic and instead masks it until it seems to make no sense. A good example of this is Art. I’m not saying that Art makes no sense, but generally, most people can’t see how an artist can splatter paint and it results in a painting worth millions of dollars. They think it makes no sense, they can’t see the beauty which may be hidden deep within

Thus, chaos can appear in both ways as masking something or being an essence of something. The former being one that we need more in life, like art, which hides structure and beauty beneath chaos

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic